CK Wellness Portal


The CK Wellness Portal provides HR professionals a wellness support resource through our Daily Nutritional Analysis (DNA) System. Coming soon, HR leaders will be able to track the nutritional habits of a collective group of employees (not individuals for privacy reasons) company-wide, by location or by department. They will be able to provide employees incentives, subsidies and rewards to inspire healthier nutritional habits. Click on the icons to learn more.

CK Kiosk

Our self-serve kiosk not only allows employees to make purchases easily using their CK Discount Card, but it also downloads detailed nutritional information of all purchases into each employee’s private online CK account.


The nutritional data for each purchase includes number of calories, fat, carbs, protein, sodium, cholesterol, etc. To protect privacy, each employee can only view his/her information.

Client Portal — Coming Soon

In the client portal, HR and wellness leaders will be able to view the collective (not individual) nutritional information of purchases company-wide; by location; or by department. This will provide insights into how employee behavior is changing due to wellness education and programming. Clients will also be able to promote or subsidize purchases of healthier items to inspire behavioral changes.

Wellness Jackpot Rewards Program — Coming Soon

Company Kitchen will provide a Wellness Jackpot Rewards Program so all employees may participate and earn rewards for better food and drink behaviors. They will be awarded points for the purchase of healthier items and certain point thresholds will help earn rewards such as increased value on their CK Cards and other prizes.

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We Install CK for Free. No Purchasing. No Leasing. Our variety of fresh and healthy food and drinks are how we make a return on our investment.

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