May 1, 2014

From the Conference Table to the Kitchen Table

When meeting with clients or colleagues, it is only natural to meet in the board room. There’s ample table space, A/V hookups, teleconferencing capabilities and in some lucky conference rooms, a small assortment of beverages and snacks. When holding formal client meetings or proposing the annual budget to the CFO, it is the perfect setting. But is all that formality necessary if you are just meeting with your team for a weekly wrap up?

It would be like eating every meal at home in your formal dining room. They are great for holidays and when your grandparents visit, but who really uses them regularly? We all know that when company comes over, everyone congregates in the kitchen. Todays’ families are less formal and more active. They’d rather socialize in a fun, open environment rather than sit down in a formal room.

The same is true at work. Company Kitchen provides a bright, refreshing alternative to the vending machines in your break room. The room is transformed to a grab-and-go market. Shelves are filled with healthy snacks, baked and traditional chips, sweets, and more. Coolers have a wide variety of zero and low-calorie beverages, as well as fresh fruit, sandwiches, entrees and salads.

Each Company Kitchen is set up with tables and chairs so the break room can truly become a kitchen, a central gathering place. It is where “water cooler” discussions happen, just to the nth degree. Employees are encouraged to share ideas, mingle, and enjoy one another’s’ “company” in the Company Kitchen.

Best of all, Company Kitchens are free to install. A local CK operator will provide and install your company with all the fixtures and equipment necessary, and refill it multiple times each week. Just provide electricity and internet hook up.

You’ll employees will love the new benefit, and will move meeting from the conference table to the kitchen table in no time.