July 27, 2015

Employee vs. Employer Perspectives on Employee Health & Incentives

It’s no surprise that insurance costs have been increasing, both for employees and employers. However, many employees have no idea how much their employer spends on health benefits. With employers paying over $8,500 on average per employee on health care coverage, anything that can lower the costs or keep them from rising would be beneficial.
The majority of employers view employees’ poor health habits as the biggest challenge to maintaining affordable benefit coverage. Company Kitchen can help.

Employee Health and Incentives

Company Kitchen is an unattended, self-serve micro market that is available 24/7. It offers a much wider assortment of food and beverages than traditional vending machines. Because of the open market concept, customers can pick up each item before they purchase it and review nutritional information such as calories and fat grams. Company Kitchen also stocks many freshly-prepared items like sandwiches, salads and wraps, plus perishable products like fruit, milk and Greek yogurt. Customers can be confident that their item is fresh and free of blemishes before committing to the purchase.

In addition, Company Kitchen is the only national micro market concept that allows employers to reward their employees for desired behaviors. By simply logging into the CK Client Portal, employees can add funds to employee accounts with just a few clicks of a mouse. Reward them for eating healthy, being safe at work, or for doing a great job! To reward or encourage the entire company to eat healthier, employers can choose to subsidize healthy foods to make them the same price (or lower) than the less-healthy alternatives.

On an individual level, each Company Kitchen micro market comes with our proprietary DNA (Daily Nutritional Access) software. When an employee purchases any item at the kiosk, all the nutritional information is downloaded to their online account. Each employee can set individual thresholds for calories, fat, cholesterol, etc.

Company Kitchen can be an integral part of any company’s wellness program. When combined with education, exercise, preventative care and support, employees will have the tools to make better decisions and live a healthier lifestyle. Studies have found that for every dollar a company invests into a wellness program, they save three or more.

Best of all, for employers with 175 or more employees per location, there is no charge to install a Company Kitchen. Start offering your employees healthier foods and take that first step towards a healthier workforce with Company Kitchen.

For more information, visit www.CompanyKitchen.com