July 10, 2014

Top 5 Benefits from Adding A Micro-Market

Company Kitchen is the country’s leading micro-market brand. Our partners at One Source Office Refreshment Services have developed a list of the top five employer benefits of having a micro market instead of traditional vending machines at work:

  • Reduce Extended Breaks – Employees do not need to take extended breaks to go out and purchase lunch. A selection of fresh and nutritious sandwiches, wraps, salads, snacks and beverages  are available 24/7 to employees. This is especially beneficial for call centers and distribution centers where employees are on a limited break schedule. With a micro market, they are able to get a substantial meal or snack, not just chips and a soft drink.

  • Expanded Selection of Healthy Products – Company Kitchen kiosks track the nutritional content of the employees’ food choices, and with the open market style, employees can look at the nutrition label prior to making a purchase.  Grab-and-go coolers allow flexibility to offer products that don’t fit in a vending machine like  fresh produce, entrees, and  low-fat milk and Greek yogurt.

  • Energy Efficiency –  Micro markets use less energy than traditional vending machines, generating a 70% annual energy savings! If your company has a “Green Initiative,” micro markets are a great addition and save money.

  • No Equipment Downtime/Jammed Product/Service Calls – Kiosks can be remotely monitored eliminating service calls. Open shelves and coolers eliminate the chance of anything ever getting stuck in a vending machine again. Kiosks are also fitted with battery back ups allowing consumers to make purchases for up to one hour after a power outage.

  • Work/Life Balance – Take home products such as entrees, snacks and beverages are available to employees, eliminating the need to stop at the store on the drive home. If you have employees who work late into the night, a micro market can save employees valuable time.


If you have a micro market, what is your favorite benefit? Please share in the comments below.  If you would like more information about Company Kitchen, please fill out the “Learn More About Getting A Company Kitchen” form on the right, and a representative will get in touch with you.