October 9, 2015

Top 10 Reasons To Be a Software Engineer at Company Kitchen

   10. How else does a developer get to work with food?Company Kitchen round logo

   9. Startup culture + corporate resources

   8. Working on a product you use every day

   7. Helping users eat healthier and live better

   6. Solving tough technical problems

   5. Erlang + Riak + Erlang Solutions + Basho

   4. You’re limited only by yourself

   3. Capable, proven entrepreneurial leadership

   2. Connecting the digital world to the physical world in new, compelling ways

   1. Beer 30

For more information about Company Kitchen or to apply, visit companykitchen.com/careers.

Company Kitchen is not just a food and office vending company. Nor is it just in the business of installing micro markets with fresh, healthier food options. Behind the scenes, Company Kitchen has a team of in-house programmers and engineers that keep our state-of-the-art platform ahead of the curve and always performing.

As Company Kitchen grows, so does our need for quality team members. We are always looking for great talent to join our in-house IT team.