January 31, 2014

Company Kitchen Explained


Company Kitchen is a revolutionary micro market that provides employees and employers more choices and more benefits.  Micro markets are smaller convenience stores right in your workplace.  They are very similar to markets found in hotel lobbies, frequent flyer clubs, and even gas stations.  They offer the same convenience as vending machines but with more options.



For employees, Company Kitchen transforms workplace vending from a bank of rectangular machines to an interactive, fresh marketplace.  Shelves are stocked with fresh-baked treats and healthier options, and coolers are filled with salads, fruits, vegetable snacks, and entrees. Other coolers are filled with natural teas, energy drinks, bottled water, and diet sodas.  Literally hundreds of products are available on a daily basis. 

CK CoolerEmployees can browse through all the products before purchasing them.  They can look at the ingredients, nutritional information, or just take a closer look to see what a particular item looks like.  When ready to purchase, the item is scanned at the self-serve kiosk and paid.  Users that have set up their CK account can use their CK Card or thumb print to make purchases, or a credit card option is always available.  IMGL4004

Once the item is purchased, all the nutritional information is downloaded into the user’s online profile using the proprietary DNA (Daily Nutritional Analysis) software.  Employees can track their daily intake of calories, fat grams, sodium, etc. and set automatic alerts to notify them if they exceed their limit.

For employers, Company Kitchen micro markets offer a multitude of benefits.  A recent survey of CK clients found that the best benefit was the increased number of food options.  Employees can have a sandwich or salad for lunch without having to leave the building, thanks to CK.  Plus, because products are not confined to an automated dispenser, irregularly shaped packages can be sold without fear of getting caught in the machine.

Another extremely popular benefit to employers is that Company Kitchen is FREE to employers.  All the coolers, shelving, and the kiosk are provided at no charge to the business.  Finally, Company Kitchen offers health and wellness support with its DNA program, and soon, aggregate sales data will be available so employers can track behavior within a single department or across the whole company.  They will also be able to provide incentives and rewards for healthier behavior.

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