February 1, 2014

Transform your cubicle into your own personal sanctuary

Transform your cubicle into your own personal sanctuary.

Follow these simple steps to turn your bland, ordinary work cubicle into an expression of your personality.

  1. Make it yours. Add photos of friends, family, accomplishments, etc.  Frames for the counters work great, but don’t forget to personalize your computer screen.
  2. Bring it to life. Easy-to-care-for plants can really brighten up your work area. A Harvard Business blog suggests to use plants with rounded leaves, not pointy ones.
  3. Lighten it up. Add decorative lighting to not only make it easier to work, but to make it feel just a little more like home.Desk Light
  4. Decorate!  A simple area rug may be enough to totally transform your area, but the bulletin-board panel walls are easy to cover in fabric, posters, or anything you like.
  5. Keep your favorite dining utensils on hand. A large water cup, coffee mug, silverware, and plate will allow you to enjoy those quick, necessary desk meals just a little more.
  6. Stay clean and organized – File papers, organize pens and office accessories, hide computer wires, but most importantly, SANITIZE YOUR DESK SURFACES REGULARLY.
  7. Snack – have a few snacks stashed away to tide you over if you get hungry.

Do you have other suggestions?  Let us know what you’ve done to your cubicle.

Cubicle with plants    Lunch at work