March 5, 2015

More Employee Incentives ANY Employer Can Offer

Last year, we posted an article listing our “Top 10 Employee Incentives ANY Employer can Offer.”  Our article has been viewed and shared thousands of times and we have received some great feedback and ideas from our readers.  So, while your company may not be a Google funded by VCs, which seemingly has an endless list of employee perks, it can still offer some incredible benefits employees will love. Best of all, the cost to you, the employer, is minimal. 

Flexible Working Schedule  In articles we’ve read and feedback we received, this was the most cited benefit employees truly enjoy. Having the ability to work from home if a child is sick or take a few hours off in the afternoon to run errands or help out at school means a lot to employees.

Snow & Ice Removal – This winter was brutal across much of the country with record amounts of snow. When it is so cold, the last thing anyone wants to do is stand in the cold for a few minutes and scrape the ice and snow from their car. One reader suggested this “could be a great way for site management whose jobs involve keeping roads and buildings safe for our customers in inclement weather to express appreciation to employees .”

Premier Parking – Reserve a space close in proximity for an “employee of the week” or to reward someone who went above and beyond. Companies that are doing this say employees love it!

Support Groups – Weight loss groups are most popular in workplace settings, but smoking cessation support groups are also a great employee benefit. Not only does it help the employee; healthier employees cost employers less.

Free Umbrellas – There is a slight cost associated with this perk, but it will pay for itself in marketing benefit alone, not to mention employee satisfaction. Purchase some custom-printed umbrellas with your company’s logo on it. If an employee leaves to go to a meeting or to lunch, they can just grab an umbrella on the way out, and return it when they come back. They stay dry and presentable, and the company gets additional exposure.

Give Thanks – Don’t forget to say “thank you.” There is a national holiday around this idea. Do it on a daily basis; it is free and your employees will appreciate it.

Reward the Spouse – Rewards are great, but rarely extend beyond the office walls. If offering a gift certificate, be sure to include the significant other so your employee can enjoy it with the one they love. A certificate for a couples massage or dinner for two are great, but so is a pair of movie tickets or a $25 gift card to a coffee or dessert shop.

Clean Up – While your employee is hard at work, hire maid service to clean their house. This option can get expensive, but for a job well done, this can mean a lot to the recipient. If they have spent a lot of time at the office and haven’t been able to keep up at home, this incentive has special meaning and shows you put some thought behind their reward.

Have you been the recipient of any unusual employee incentives or perks? What does your office do that you like (or don’t like)? Please post below, and your response may make our next list.