March 12, 2015

Spring Clean Your Cubicle

Spring is finally here! Say goodbye to snow, salt, grime and heavy jackets, and say hello to warmer weather, longer days and a good spring cleaning. Many people spend more time sitting at their cubicle than they do awake at their own house. However, most never really spend much time cleaning their cubicles.

In just five easy steps and less than 10 minutes, your cubicle will be as fresh as a spring bouquet. Here’s how to do it:


  1. Organize and file all loose papers. Don’t be afraid to “file” paper into the most universal file folder – the trash can! If you haven’t used it in a year, there’s a good chance you won’t need it. Throw it away, or file it in a drawer where you can easily get it if needed. Eliminating the paper mess on your desk will make a huge difference in the appearance of your desk.
  2. Dust! Your office’s janitorial staff probably vacuums regularly, but they do not touch the top of your desk. Dust gets on everything. Get a clean rag or some paper towels and be sure not to forget:
    • Your Desk. Move your computer, monitor, phone, wires, papers… everything. Some areas might need to be scrubbed a little harder, but when you are done, everything will look a little brighter.Dusty Computer Monitor
    • Your Monitor(s). Wipe anything that faces up. This includes the top, the front rim, and the stand.
    • Your Keyboard – Turn it upside down, tap it a few times, and look and see how much stuff just fell out. Be sure to wipe down the little rows in between the keys. If there is a sanitizer in the office, it’s a good idea to sanitize your keyboard. You make more contact with that than any other item in the office.
    • Computer Tower
    • Cords and wires – Yes, even these collect dust. While you are dusting them, organize them together and minimize their appearance.Dirty office chair
    • Your Chair – My chair was actually the catalyst for this post. One day I noticed all the dust and crumbs that had accumulated in the back of the seat, and I couldn’t believe it.
  3. Add light. Winter can be so gray and cloudy, so desk lampmimic the spring sunshine and longer days will be adding more light to your desk. There are thousands of options, from fashionable to functional. Choose one that is an extension of your personality.
  4. Place desktop necessities like pens, scissors, stapler, paper clips, etc. in an organizer. Many even have USB plugs or docking stations for your cell phone.
  5. Adding some fresh flowers or a low-maintenance plant will really add some life to your workspace. Plus, nothing says spring like fresh flowers! Also, this is the perfect time to update those family photos with some bright, colorful picture frames.


For more information on how to spruce up your cubicle, see our post on decorating your workspace. If you have any other tips, we’d love to hear them in the comments section below. Also, feel free to post “before and after” photos to our Facebook page.

Happy Spring!